Planning an Ireland Castle Tour Vacation

I’m packing for an Ireland castle vacation package that I’m certain I should have waited until summer for, anyone ever been during winter? Anyways, my mum told me about the Dromoland Castle and that’s at the top of my list – right next to some good beer of course. I was wondering if I should get the flu shot first?

Second thought, I’ll have a “flu shot” in Ireland any day. I heard of the Kinnitty Castle but haven’t talked to anyone who’s ever been. Shoot me a reply with some pictures? How much was it to stay at the hotel there? Was it worth the ride out? Thank you!  Either way, looking forward to some luxury tours across the country and we’ll take a jaunt over to Scotland. I know the entire trip will be magical and I’ll make a ton of memories. I have heard about the Celtic castles out that way and I’m super excited about it… Just wanted to introduce myself – hello 🙂


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