Traveling without Breaking the Bank

budget travellingWhen you think about traveling, even locally, does it stress you out? It stresses me out sometimes, even when planning a “staycation” like going to Legoland, which is just a few miles from my house in North County San Diego (Oceanside). But the thing that causes me pause even more is that I would let any kind of financial woes stop me from making good memories with the family. One of the crucial elements of having a great time while traveling is not being bothered by money so in today’s post, I want to highlight (just in time for summer) that you can create amazing memories for the family without having to take an airplane to anywhere. While it’s always a great option to fly out of town and go somewhere exotic, domestic – I mean REALLY domestic – as in your neighboring city at the farthest, often has some amazing overlooked vacation spots for you and the fam. There are probably even some great attractions that people fly into town to enjoy, but since it’s in your city, you probably take it for granted. Heaven for bid! Well, taking a vacation without having to get your credit score repaired afterwards is a blessing that you just might want to look in to.

Frugal travel and the alternatives for spending money

If you travel frugally, consider that a family of three might save $1,000 or more on airfare alone. When you save that kind of money, what kind of local experience or family purchase could that give you? What about visiting a cool attraction and spending the night at a cool hotel nearby, which would give the entire family a sense of getting away from what’s familiar.

And what else could you do with that money? You could buy a nice DSLR camera to capture the moments in a way better light than with your measly cell phone camera. That was my experience, I took tons of pics with my cell phone, then with an expensive point-and-click camera, but I still expected too much, so I got a real nice one that I carry everywhere and it really captures the moments.

Travel on a shoestring

Maybe flying out of town, or staying in town at a local hotel isn’t even a real option because of finances right now. Well, there are some alternatives still! You could go rent a camp spot at the local campgrounds and save all kinds of money. This is a great financial alternative for anyone who is looking for some amazing adventure, building awesome memories, and getting some awesome “Kodak moments.”

Thanks for reading, guest post by Dan Rose.


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