Liscarroll, County Cork

There are the remains of the third largest 13th century castle in Ireland: a quadrangular court with cylindrical angle-towers, a strong rectangular gatehouse (upper storey 15th century) in the southern curtain, and a rectangular tower in the northern curtain.


Towers and curtain have lost their battlements, and the southeast tower, which contains the castle well, has been reduced to a fragment. There appear to have been buildings against the curtain all around the courtyard. The castle was probably built by the Anglo-Norman Barrys. On 20th August 1642 it was attacked by Garret Barry, general of the Confederate Catholic army of Munster. The small garrison surrendered on 2nd September.


Next day Murrough the Burner O’Brien and Sir Charles Vavasour arrived with an English army and dispersed the Confederates after an obstinate resistance. The victors were quickly obliged to retire.


Liscarroll and its ruins are a must see on your tours of Ireland.


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